by Eli

i tried to resist adding anything more to the already bloated concentration of PS3 news on the internet, but at this point i can’t help myself anymore.

brandon was the first to introduce me to the idea of buying one and selling it. i think that i had at least thought about it before, but never really considered it an option. we had planned on taking thursday off of work, going up to northgate, waiting in line for at least 12 hours, but making cool grand while we were at it. unfortunately, we switched jobs at nintendo and were in the final 2 days of 10 days of call center training on thursday. there was really no way to miss that day. bummer.

i was able to tell nate about our plans early enough, and he got himself over to a best buy somewhere in minneapolis. he waiting for about 12 hours and got himself one of the 20GB models. while he waiting in line, some of his fellow waiters were checking the prices on ebay: ~ $3000 for the 60GB and ~$2000 for the 20GB.

i went to work friday and heard about one that went for $9000 earlier that morning. i checked myself (in the completed auctions) and found one that went for $15,000. things were starting to get weird. later that night i checked again and found one that went for $38,000. what the fuck was going on?!?!

i decided to do a little research of my own, and it seems obvious to me now that something weird is going on. first off, MOST of the bids on these auctions are by users that have zero (0) feedback and created their accounts a few days ago. but most of the sellers have good feedback and created their accounts years ago. what’s up with that?

then after closer inspection at the $38,000 listing, you might see what i missed the first time i looked. that auction is actually just a listing for an email address for sale! i was blinded by “PS3″ and “$38,000″ that i actually forgot to read the auction. what the fuck? who buys a stupid fucking yahoo email address for $38,000?! what has this world come to?!?!